Welcome prospective members of the Southern Nevada Officials Association (SNOA). We are always seeking new members with or without officiating experience.

What does it mean to be a member of the SNOA?

  • To experience great camaraderie with other officials

  • To officiate sanctioned basketball games at all age levels

  • To recruit and train officials

  • To promote standards for outstanding achievement and recognition of the Code of Ethics for officiating basketball games

Why would you want to be a basketball official?

  • To be involved with the game of basketball

  • To be a positive role model to children and young adults

  • You will build relationships like no others and make lifelong friends

  • You will be able to make a little extra money

 What NOT to expect as a beginning official

  • Don't expect to receive a full schedule your first year.

  • Don't expect to work in the highest level games your first year. Most officials start at the lower levels and work their way up.

  • Don't expect to get rich as a basketball official. It is very commonly quoted that "you don't do it for the money."




SNOA Basketball Fee Schedule_edited.jpg


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1. No compensation is given to officials if 24 hours' notice is given prior to the scheduled start time.

2. If the game is canceled less than 24 hours before start time (unless due to weather), the official will receive one game fee and it will be the highest level game scheduled.

3. If the canceled game is an out of town assignment and is less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time, one game fee will be paid but no travel pay is given if the officials have not left for their out of town site yet.

4. If officials arrive to an out of town site and the game has been canceled for whatever the circumstance, one cam fee is paid (if a doubleheader was scheduled) and the travel fee will be paid to the driver and all riders.

5. If the cancellation is on game day due to weather and the game has not officially begun, schools and school districts make the determination if officials get paid. The only exception would be an out of town assignment in which the officials have already left for their game. The officials will be paid one game fee plus travel fees.

6. Once the scheduled game has begun, the official will be compensated for the game regardless if it is completed or not.

7. The only exception that an official would not be compensated for a canceled game would be if that official is then re-scheduled on that same day to officiate at a different location/game. 




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Welcome to SNOA


Basketball will start training in late September or early October.


You can register at 

then select “REGISTRATION” and you can then register from there. 

Make sure you check SNOA on the form.
Below are the 2019-20 NIAA registration fees:

$20.00 NIAA Per-Sport Fee

$17.00 NFHS Insurance (one-time fee per year) 

$9.50 Background Check (one-time fee per year)