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Let's Get Started!


Welcome prospective members of the Southern Nevada Officials Association (SNOA). We are always seeking new members with or without officiating experience.

What does it mean to be a member of the SNOA?

  • To experience great camaraderie with other officials

  • To officiate sanctioned basketball games at all age levels

  • To recruit and train officials

  • To promote standards for outstanding achievement and recognition of the Code of Ethics for officiating basketball games

Why would you want to be a basketball official?

  • To be involved with the game of basketball

  • To be a positive role model to children and young adults

  • You will build relationships like no others and make lifelong friends

  • You will be able to make a little extra money

What NOT to expect as a beginning official

  • Don't expect to receive a full schedule your first year.

  • Don't expect to work in the highest level games your first year. Most officials start at the lower levels and work their way up.

  • Don't expect to get rich as a basketball official. It is very commonly quoted that "you don't do it for the money."

If you're still interested there are a few more steps you need to take before becoming an SNOA official. To access testing and registration information click on the link below: 

then select the tab you're searching for and go from there. Make sure you check the SNOA form to register with us. Below are the 2022-23 NIAA registration fees:

*$20.00 NIAA Per-Sport Fee
*$13.00 NFHS Insurance (one-time fee per year) 
*$9.50 Background Check (one-time fee per year)

NIAA High School/CCSD Middle School Season

Basketball is a winter sport during the season. Games usually start near the end of October thru the beginning of February. From February until March are Regional and State playoff games. Crew Chiefs will assign games during the regular season, as well as select officials for the opening rounds of the playoffs. From there on, board members will consult with the NIAA Southern Regional Commissioner to select officials chosen from a playoff list submitted by the Crew Chiefs. As for Middle School, Crew Chiefs are given random playoff and championship game assignments to fill.

NIAA Tournaments

During the Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas holidays, there's likely to be a tournament. Larry McKay will assign all holiday tournament games. A word from your Crew Chief or reaching out to Larry yourself can only help your name get added to that list. Some good basketball can be found here due in part to teams traveling here from various states, and even countries. So if you have the time and you're interested in watching your fellow officials work, go take a peek and see what all the fuss is about.

Valley Athletic Conference & Summerlin Elementary League

If you weren't ready for the season to end, look no further. A select group of Middle School and Elementary School programs have decided to join in to create a league of their own. Their season will run from the month of March to the end of April/beginning of May. Playoff games will be played shortly after. Shawn Rowe is the guy to contact if you want to get on the floor. This level of basketball is great for newer officials to be paired up with our seasoned vets. Now don't be fooled, these young people can play. So, be prepared to work hard, just be sure to have a good time while doing it.



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